nightlife in India

India’s Top Drinking Trend and Facts

Cities in Indian may not have the same nightlife experience as in other big cities around the world. But some major cities in the country cherish after-hour moment for the people. The capital city of India and other major cities have nightclub, games site and restaurants to serve its customers even after midnight.

The development of nightlife in India triggers new trends for the drinking habit and food and beverage industry. Here are some top drinking trend and facts in India that you have to know.

The rise of breweries



Even though beer consumption in India is considered as low, but the number is growing as the nightlife trend is also developing. There are some beer industry shows some great promise for the future. Besides breweries, beer cafes and small breweries are thriving in some Indian cities and they bring lots of delicious beer.

Fusion beer is trend

Infused beer with various flavours is a popular thing in the western. The thing is also quite happening in India. Some breweries in Mumbai offers beer infused with edible flowers and herbs to provide delicious beer for the customers. Other beer café and breweries in Gurgaon and Bangalore also fuse their beer with fruits such as mango, blueberries, coffee, chocolate, and even bacon and paan.

Wine for younger generation

Even though beer in India is a quite famous beverages but youngster in the country tend choose wine. The youth population in the country has more interest in wine compared to other beverages. According to recent study, youth group in India consumes more wine than other beverages even though they do not know much about wine types.



Themed pub and restaurants is everywhere

Themed pub and restaurants is not a new thing in India, but in recent days, the interest to themed lounges and pubs is growing. Lots of famous café, pubs, and restaurants in Mumbai and Pune designed their space into a themed nightlife venue.

Infused traditional drinks

Mixing beverages has been a popular thing in India for the past few years. Besides infusion of beer and other flavour, traditional drinks infused with alcohol become a popular thing lately. There are lots of restaurants and cafes provide delicious cocktails with traditional drinks in it.

When you are out for a night in India, it is always a good idea to taste the local beer and beverages. Through this way you can taste a different but delicious beverages while enjoying the amazing night in eh country.