India for night sky photography

India’s Best Place for Star Gazing and Night Sky Photography

Party and clubbing, game at may be your best choice to spend a night in India. But if you have extra night to spend and a little adventure thrill, you can try star gazing and night sky photography. For this activity, you need to visit some remote places will less light pollution. So, the sky will be visible and you can see the constellations. Here are some best places in India for night sky photography.




The Jampore Beach, located in Daman, is the first venue for night sky photography. The beach has a long stretch of sky with no city lights to disturb. You can see the constellations and the place is simply best for night photography. If you are lucky, you can even spot meteor shower in this beach.

Jaisalmer Sand Dune

Another great venue for star gazing is the Jaisalmer Sand Dune. Challenge your adventure thrill by spending a night in the wide desert under the blanket of night sky. Then you can directly watch the beautiful night sky under your tent.


High up in the Himalayas, you can get closer to the sky. You can visit the Hanle Observatory to experience the magical night sky view. Star gazing in this place will definitely refresh your day and gets you back to life. Even though the trip may be quite hard, but the experience is worth the hard work.


Matheran is one of the pollution-free destinations in India. The place is a no-vehicle destination which actually no vehicle is allowed to operate. The fresh air, beautiful scenery, and magical night sky is what Matheran offers for you. The best point for star gazing is Hart point and Echo point which provides unhindered view of the night sky.


This is another camping experience to spot beautiful night sky. Tadiandamol is the third highest peak in Karnataka. Located at more than 5,500 heights above the ground, Tandiandamol offers beautiful clear and stunning night sky view. If you take star gazing seriously, you should consider to camping overnight in the peak.

Great Rann of Kutch

Great Rann of Kutch

Great Rann of Kutch

Among the entire night sky destination in India, the White desert in Rann of Kucth may be the best of all. The destination offers un-ending stretches of skies which obviously great for camping under. You can also expect meteor shower which is always the best than in other places.