Nightlife in India

6 Best Places for an Unforgettable Nightlife in India

Even though the expansion of nightlife in India is kind of slow, but todays there are lots of pubs and clubs to fulfil the youth demand. You may not have the same experience of nightlife like in other countries, but the nightlife in India is something worth-noting. In the recent years, there are lots of clubs and pubs to serve the night crawlers especially in the major cities. Here are some best clubs and pubs to experience the unforgettable nightlife in India.

Tito’s Club, Goa

Nightlife in India

Tito’s Club in Baga Beach

Goa is famous for the clubs and nightlife venues. One of the best venues in Goa is Tito’s Club in Baga Beach. The place has two dance floors and frequently hosting international and Indian famous DJs. You can also find Bollywood hits to international hits played on the dance floor. The stag entry is 2000 INR which includes free drinks and also free entry for ladies.

Trilogy, Mumbai

Still in the sea and beach scene, Trilogy can be said as something which is more than a sea view. You can find wooden bar in the level one and also glittery staircase inside the lounges. This staircase leads to the dance floor in the second room.

Tantra, Kolkata

In Kolkata, there may not be lots of clubs like Tantra to spend the weekend. The club has two bars, playful dance floor, hangout area, and also numerous spaces to move. It becomes the most preferred spot for big event like fashion shows or music concerts which featuring international faces.

Skyye Lounge, Bengaluru

When you have the idea to have a perfect date night, the Skyye Lounge is the perfect destination. Sitting on a sky high couch, playing games at and watching the surrounding city lights while sipping on favourite beverage is the perfect date night scene. The place is actually live up to its name with open air scene, lively music play, and a bar with ample options of beverage.

The Monkey Bar, Bengaluru

Bengaluru, the Monkey Bar

Bengaluru, the Monkey Bar

Still in Bengaluru, the Monkey Bar is a stylish gastropub with vintage ambiance. The brick wall, lightbulb chandelier, and also pool table make it a perfect place to spend the weekend. The Monkey Bar is famous among people of ages 20 to 30 something.

Aer, Mumbai

Another cool open roof-top clubs is the Aer in Mumbai. Located in the 34th floor of Four Seasons Hotel, the club provides beautiful night view of the city, chill cocktail, and also dance floor in an open air scene.