indias nightlife

6 Best Cities in India for Amazing Nightlife

Famous for the rich tradition and culture, India’s nightlife may not become the highlight for the tourism. However, the globalization surely affects the country which results the thriving of some nightlife destinations. The growing corporate and pop culture in the country makes it a lot easier to find pubs, lounges, clubs, discotheques, and so on. Even though there are some differences from other countries, nightlife in India can be quite fantastic if you care to know the places. Here are the 6 best cities in India to experience the best nightlife.


indias nightlife

indias nightlife

The first in the list is Goa. The place is not actually a city, but it is famous as the center of nightlife in the country. Almost all parts of this place will spell ‘party’ as soon as the night falls. There are number of beaches in Goa which is perfect for beach party and cheap drink. Other than beach parties, you can also find full moon trance parties, discos, jazz concert, and such, you name it. Besides party venues, you can also find casinos and online gambling site in Goa.


Being the capital city of India, Delhi is the place to go when you are up to various nightlife activities. The nightlife entertainment ranges from cox pubs to lively bars, there should be a place for everyone needs. No matter what your priority, budget, mood, or taste, you can surely find the good on in Delhi.


Mumbai is also known as The City of Dreams. Famous for the Bollywood and glamour thing, nightlife in Mumbai is certainly something that you can miss. Expect some famous international franchise bars and lounges. You may also bump on some famous international celebrities and DJs in Mumbai.


Bengalore is the IT Hub in India and it has huge net of young workforce. With the huge amount of youngster in the area, no wonder if there are nightlife venues to keep the balance of work and life.


indias nightlife

indias nightlife

Kolkata is a little different from other cities as you can find a beautiful blend of modernization and traditions. Pubs and bars are thriving in Kolkata presenting various genres of music concerts and jams.


Being the second IT hub after Bangalore, nightlife in Hyderabad is the most sparking in the country. Wide ranges of discos, clubs, and lounges will force you to spend the night out dancing and sipping cocktail. Do not be surprised if you had the chance to meet young professional among Hyderabad crowd.