4 Cities in India Popular

4 Cities in India Popular with Night Street Foods

4 Cities in India Popular with Night Street Foods. Nightlife in India is not only about going to the club or partying. In case you want to try something simpler and more traditional, Indian street foods definitely need to try. Moreover, this country has some cities that are very popular for its street culinary. What are those cities? Here is the list.


Talking about cities in India for tourism, it seems not complete without mentioning Delhi. Yes, aside from being popular as the country’s capital city, Delhi is also well-known for the culinary. It is reasonable if some spots in the city are located for street foods. Many stalls and restaurants even still open at night. There are some typical foods of India you can enjoy when in Delhi. They are Succulent Kebabs, Crispy Golgappas, Jalebis, and more. Commonly, cuisines in Delhi are influenced by the taste of culinary in North India.


4 Cities in India Popular

Calcutta street food

Calcutta is the next city that is popular with its street food. Surprisingly, the prices of foods offered there are relatively cheaper than in other places. Sure, it becomes a solution for people who look for culinary tourism in India while that money is limited. You can enjoy some foods in some spots in Calcutta like Fiery Jhalmuri, Scrumptious Puchkas, and more. Do you want to eat in a place that is more closed? Many restaurants with Indian traditional foods are also widely available there.


4 Cities in India Popular

indian traditional foods

Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in India that is famous for its nightlife. So, despite bars and clubs, the city also has some spots for enjoying street culinary. Interestingly, many foods available there are considered fusion foods, combinations of Indian traditional foods and international foods. For example, there is Doughy Vadapav, an Indian Burger. Besides, there is also ginger Masala tea, that tastes like coffee but it is spicier. Other foods to enjoy in Mumbai are Panipuri, Bhelpuri, Ragda Pattice, and more.


If you have a chance to visit South India, Chennai is definitely a city to visit. Areas of street foods can be easily found there. You can enjoy various types of culinary arts starting from the traditional to the modern ones. Enjoy some authentic foods of Chennai like Uthapams. Besides, when you want to relax while enjoying tasty beverages, some cafes are available around like Mylai Karpagambal Mess, Sundal and Bajji at Elliot Beach, and more. So, do you want to enjoy the nightlife in India in a simpler way? Street foods are the best answer.